Just Love it! Vintage Style Dresses

I you have an older women in you life that lived in the 1950s then you already know how charming and proper they can be. From the way they dress to the color they insist on applying to their lips. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to be that way and switch on the 50s any time you want? Vintage style dresses are not alway enough for some of us.

A traveling finishing school in Australia can teach you haw to embody the fifty with everything from appearance to table manners.

A wonderful article in the smh.com.au called “The Finishing Touch” tells all about these classes. They explain in like this;

“They look like postwar housewives, but the pair are vintage emissaries from the Gold Coast, on a regular trip to Melbourne as The Lindy Charm School for Girls. The school travels to a different city each month, offering three-hour workshops, at $60 a head, that aim to transform modern women into ’50s bombshells.”

This group have classes for both teens and adults that are in need of an image overhaul for corporate advancement.

This article is long but it is worth the read. Click on the link above to read it for yourself, and then visit me at dreamfrocks.com to see what is up with vintage style dresses.
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Vintage style dresses – Don’t get confused by tacky prom dresses.

Formal dresses have usually followed a specific era. They are so often wonderful examples of vintage style dresses. It seems that the last couple of years have changed this tradition. 

Are you in the market for a prom dress? I am way past the age that prom dresses are something I would consider shopping for, but I do have a daughter who will be that age in about nine years. Just getting a gimps of what is available for teens these days is very scary. It looks like these dresses are made for a costume party at an adult club.

I found a wonderful article written by a teen that is looking for a prom dress and she gives some wonderful insight and advice. She explains her shock at what is available in stores.

“By the end of my shopping excursion, I had tried on 15 to 20 dresses, and probably three didn’t make me feel that I should bring a collapsible pole along as my accessory. To add insult to injury, most of these dresses seemed to follow the inverse law of teenage retail pricing: the less fabric there is, the higher the price. What is the point, I wondered –while inspecting a backless, virtually frontless dress with an absurdly high slit — of spending more than the GDP of some countries on a dress that my father almost certainly won’t let me leave the house in? And perhaps more important, what mothers in their right minds are purchasing these dresses for their daughters?”

You should go read the rest of the article called “When did hooker chic become in style for prom?” She really gives me hope for the future. Then you need to visit me at dreamfrocks.com to see what is new in vintage style dresses
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Why Were 1940s Dresses so Practical?

If you are interested in what was really worn in the 1940s in womens dresses, then check out this nice article on the subject. It is from a site called 1940’s.org. This is a great place to start if you are trying to understand what was behind 1940s dresses. This way you will be able to recognize vintage style dresses that are featuring 40s style.

The author starts with this statement and it only get better from there.

“The 1940s saw two distinctive styles in women’s fashion. From the beginning of the decade until the “New Look” in 1947, women’s dresses were knee-length and featured padded shoulders. This added a flair to clothing that was otherwise simple, because of wartime rationing. Women became creative in mixing separates to make a wardrobe seem more diverse than it was. Homemade accessories and elaborate hairstyles allowed women to show their flair without expense or waste. Hats became very popular.”

Click on 1940s dresses to read the rest, then visit me at dreamfrocks.com to see what I have found in the vintage style dresses area.
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History Lesson for 1950s Dresses and Beyond

If you are looking for fashion history for school children then you can stop searching. I found a wonderful little article on E How Style that will give you a nice quick overview. 

According to the article “The 1950s was a more modest age of dress in the United States compared to the belly-baring midriffs and mini-skirts of the following decade.”

Girls were not allowed to wear pants of any kind to school and young boys wore short pants and knee socks.

And be sure to visit dreamfrocks.com to learn more about vintage style dresses.
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Dress Like you Care Even in Vintage Style Dresses

An article in the Vancouver Sun recently talked about dressing like you care. We all need to dress like we care weather we are wearing vintage style dresses or not. The author works with a stylist on her personal closet.

 I didn’t really agree with their fashion sense, but I do completely agree with the idea of cleaning the unflattering old worn clothing that you no longer wear out of your closet so that you can get to the good stuff.

In the article the author states “My pared-down wardrobe makes it easier to get dressed in the morning because it’s all stuff I know works for me. Best of all, I look at my old clothes in a new way.”

They also talk of refashioning clothing that don’t work into things that do and sewing on lost buttons. This idea is truly in the spirit of the 1940s make do attitude.

To check out the artickle click this link
T more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/life/Stylist+Dress+like+give+damn/4562948/story.html#ixzz1Imo70E8H

And Don’t forget to see what I am up to with vintage style dresses at dreamfrocks.com
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Perfect Vintage Style Dresses Using Math?

Has math become the answer to the perfect vintage style dresses? These ladies think so.

Two women have created a line of shift dresses that are supposed to have the perfect fit in a variety of sizes. They are using vintage fabrics in them, so they don’t just have a fun retro feel they are helping to cut down on wast. 

I’m not so sure about a shift dress for every women, but I’m intrigued about the math that was used to make the dresses. 

Go to Post-Gazette.com to read the whole article here. “Clutch: Get a Hold of Style — Fitting real women

And then visit me at dreamfrocks.com and read about vintage style dresses and other fun stuff.
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Vintage Style Dresses are Hard to Find

Although it seems that vintage style dresses are all the rage, finding nice ones can be hard some times. I have been looking for a fun vintage style dresses to dream about today and am having absolutely no luck. Stick with me and I will show you some wonderful things. 

Be sure to check out dreamfrocks.com and see all of the vintage style dresses that I will find that we all will love in the future.
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Are Vintage Style Dresses Cute or Tacky

Just because a style was classy back in the hopelessly classy 1940s doesn’t always mean that same 1940s dress will be classy redone as vintage style dresses today. 

In my new post on dreamfrocks.com I talk about vintage style dresses and if they are cute or awful. Click on vintage style dresses to see my new article and feel free to comment as long as you keep it family friendly.
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1950s Vintage Style Dresses – Runway Knockoffs

1050s style dresses are so hot right now they have recently gone down a few runways. Now you can even find cute copies of these vintage style dresses.1950s style dresses are so hot right now they have recently gone down a few runways. Now you can even find cute copies of these vintage style dresses.

In an article from the Mail Online explains how a knockoff brand is able to bring more affordable versions of designer dresses to it’s customers.

“Peacocks claim their cut-price frocks will fool even the most canny fashion insiders – as long as they look but do not touch – using the same high-end designs but cheaper fabrics.”

I think the supposid knockoffs have a much better look and are more wearable. Check out the article called “Birds of a feather: Peacocks launches cheap copies of dresses straight off the catwalk” to see what I am takling about. Or to find out what else I’ve found click on vintage style dresses so go to dreamfrocks.com

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Vintage Style Dresses and Ruffle Skirts

I found an example of a tiered ruffle dress that was available for order in a 1940s sears catalog. It is so adorable with the three tiers of ruffles on the skirt and a sailer caller on the top. This style would be just as cute today in vintage style dresses.

Click on this blue link, vintage style dresses to take a look for yourself.
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